We would like to dedicate this special issue of Acta Mathematica Vietnamica to the memory of Professor Hoang Tuy (7 December 1927 - 14 July 2019) - one of the most outstanding and influencing contemporary Vietnamese mathematicians.

Hoang Tuy received his PhD degree in mathematics from Moscow State University in 1959. Together with Professor Le Van Thiem, Hoang Tuy was considered as a co-founder of the main institutions in mathematical research and education of Vietnam. Professor Tuy worked mainly in the field of global optimization, where he published a series of pioneering works. He had a long career with the Institute of Mathematics of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, where he served as the director from 1980 to 1989. Hoang Tuy published three important mathematical monographs and more than 160 refereed journal and conference articles. In September 2011, he was named as the first-ever recipient of the Constantin Carathéodory Prize of the International Society of Global Optimization for his fundamental contributions to global optimization.

A special session of the International Workshop “Optimization Algorithms and Some Related Problems” (Institute of Mathematics - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi, December 14–16, 2017) was devoted to Professor Hoang Tuy’s 90th birthday. His distinguished scientific achievements were highlighted there. Fourteen peer-reviewed papers of the Workshop participants and some invited experts constitute the contents of this issue, which include both qualitative and quantitative aspects of optimization problems, equilibrium problems, minimax problems, dynamical systems, optimal control problems, stochastic optimization problems, vector optimization problems, and optimization problems in graph theory.

All the authors and the guest editors would like to express their respect and admiration for Professor Hoang Tuy’s brilliant scientific career in light of these contributions.

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