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Combinatorial Algorithms for the Uniform-Cost Inverse 1-Center Problem on Weighted Trees

  • Kien Trung NguyenEmail author
  • Huong Nguyen-Thu
  • Nguyen Thanh Hung


Inverse 1-center problem on a network is to modify the edge lengths or vertex weights within certain bounds so that the prespecified vertex becomes an (absolute) 1-center of the perturbed network and the modifying cost is minimized. This paper focuses on the inverse 1-center problem on a weighted tree with uniform cost of edge length modification, a generalization for the analogous problem on an unweighted tree (Alizadeh and Burkard, Discrete Appl. Math. 159, 706–716, 2011). To solve this problem, we first deal with the weighted distance reduction problem on a weighted tree. Then, the weighted distances balancing problem on two rooted trees is introduced and efficiently solved. Combining these two problems, we derive a combinatorial algorithm with complexity of \(O(n^{2})\) to solve the inverse 1-center problem on a weighted tree if there exists no topology change during the edge length modification. Here, n is the number of vertices in the tree. Dropping this condition, the problem is solvable in \(O(n^{2}\mathbf {c})\) time, where \(\mathbf {c}\) is the compressed depth of the tree. Finally, some special cases of the problem with improved complexity, say linear time, are also discussed.


Location problem Inverse optimization problem 1-Center problem Tree 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

90B10 90B80 90C27 



The authors would like to thank the anonymous referee and editor, whose valuable comments helped us to improve this paper.

Funding Information

This research is funded by Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) under grant number 101.01-2016.08.


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Teacher CollegeCan Tho UniversityCan ThoVietnam

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