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Upper Triangular Operator Matrices, SVEP, and Property (w)

  • Mohammad H. M. RashidEmail author


When \(A\in \mathscr{L}(\mathbb {X})\) and \(B\in \mathscr{L}(\mathbb {Y})\) are given, we denote by MC an operator acting on the Banach space \(\mathbb {X}\oplus \mathbb {Y}\) of the form \(M_{C}=\left (\begin {array}{cccccccc} A & C \\ 0 & B \\ \end {array}\right ) \). In this paper, first we prove that σw(M0) = σw(MC) ∪{S(A) ∩ S(B)} and \(\mathbf {\sigma }_{aw}(M_{C})\subseteq \mathbf {\sigma }_{aw}(M_{0})\cup S_{+}^{*}(A)\cup S_{+}(B)\). Also, we give the necessary and sufficient condition for MC to be obeys property (w). Moreover, we explore how property (w) survive for 2 × 2 upper triangular operator matrices MC. In fact, we prove that if A is polaroid on \(E^{0}(M_{C})=\{\lambda \in \text {iso}\sigma (M_{C}):0<\dim (M_{C}-\lambda )^{-1}\}\), M0 satisfies property (w), and A and B satisfy either the hypotheses (i) A has SVEP at points \(\mathbf {\lambda }\in \mathbf {\sigma }_{aw}(M_{0})\setminus \mathbf {\sigma }_{SF_{+}}(A)\) and A has SVEP at points \(\mu \in \mathbf {\sigma }_{w}(M_{0})\setminus \mathbf {\sigma }_{SF_{+}}(A)\), or (ii) A has SVEP at points \(\mathbf {\lambda }\in \mathbf {\sigma }_{w}(M_{0})\setminus \mathbf {\sigma }_{SF_{+}}(A)\) and B has SVEP at points \(\mu \in \mathbf {\sigma }_{w}(M_{0})\setminus \mathbf {\sigma }_{SF_{+}}(B)\), then MC satisfies property (w). Here, the hypothesis that points λE0(MC) are poles of A is essential. We prove also that if S(A) ∪ S(B), points \(\mathbf {\lambda }\in {E_{a}^{0}}(M_{C})\) are poles of A and points \(\mu \in {E_{a}^{0}}(B)\) are poles of B, then MC satisfies property (w). Also, we give an example to illustrate our results.


Weyl’s theorem Weyl spectrum Polaroid operators Property (wUpper triangular operator matrices SVEP 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

Primary 47A55 47A53 47B20 Secondary 47A10 47A11 



The author take this opportunity to thank the referee for his very helpful comments on the submitted version of the paper.


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Faculty of Science P. O. Box (7)Mu’tah UniversityAl-KarakJordan

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