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Gingival overgrowth: case report
Case report

A 42-year-old man developed gingival overgrowth while receiving amlodipine to prevent hypertension and ciclosporin to prevent transplant rejection [not all frequencies of administration stated; routes not stated].

The man presented to the department of periodontology with a 1-year history of swollen gums, especially in the upper left side of the his mouth. Additionally, he had 6-months history of gum bleeding while brushing. Bleeding was spontaneous in nature, sometimes noted while brushing and stopped when he rinsed his mouth. Generalised gingival enlargement was observed over the gingiva, especially in the second quadrant (i.e., from 24 to 27 tooth region) and was increasing in size since 1 year. The enlargement was painless in nature and he also reported history of food lodgement in the area due to increased size of the gingiva. He also had difficulty in closing the teeth on the left side. Anamnesis revealed that he had undergone a renal transplant procedure 11 years ago and since...


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