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Table 1 Clinical outcomes defining the transition probability between health states during the “Active treatment phase: 6 months (age 3–9 months)”

From: Cost-utility analysis of propranolol versus corticosteroids in the treatment of proliferating infantile hemangioma in Italy

  Success rate* Drop-out rate** Rebound rate*** Ulceration events rate**** Adverse events rate*****
Propranolol19 60.40% 13.70% 11.40% 6.00% 6.00%
Corticosteroids1,3,15,20 44.10% 13.70% 36.00% 26.00% 35.00%
  1. *Success rate = complete or nearly complete resolution of IH
  2. **Drop-out rate= discontinuation of trial treatment. For corticosteroids is assumed the same of propranolol treatment
  3. ***Rebound rate = reintroduction of systemic hemangioma treatment after propranolol/corticosteroids treatment
  4. ****Ulceration event rate = complications due to proliferation of hemangioma
  5. *****Adverse events rate = complications related to pharmaceutical therapy