Correction to: Drugs & Aging (2022) 39:245–247

In the original publication of this article, the members of the FORTA Expert Panel group were provided in such a way that they were not indexed as collaborators on PubMed. This has now been corrected and the full list of collaborators is shown below.

Jürgen M. Bauer, Heiner K. Berthold, Michael Denkinger, Christine von Arnim, Peter Dovjak, Helmut Frohnhofen, Markus Gosch, Hans Gutzmann, Isabella Heuser-Collier, Friedemann Honecker, Michael Hüll, Bernhard Iglseder, Ulrich Jaehde, Reto W. Kressig, Anja Kwetkat, Christoph Schindler, Ralf-Joachim Schulz, Andrej Zeyfang, Sophie Pautex, Ulrich Wedding.

The original article has been corrected.