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Table 5 Summary of results of overlap and recall linear regression models

From: Investigating Overlap in Signals from EVDAS, FAERS, and VigiBase®

P valueR square adjusted (%)P valueR square adjusted (%)
Diff ToM0.0942.350.9480.00
EVDAS EU proportion0.2990.090.0047.38
EVDAS FAERS ratio0.5610.000.0244.15
  1. Diff ToM difference in time-on-market between first approval in the EU vs the USA, EVDAS EudraVigilance Data Analysis System, EVDAS EU proportion number of EudraVigilance cases reported in the EU as a proportion of the total number of spontaneous cases reported in EudraVigilance for a product, EVDAS FAERS ratio the ratio of the number of cases reported in EudraVigilance vs FAERS, FAERS FDA Adverse Event Reporting System, FDA Food and Drug Administration, ToM time-on-market