NIR-plasmon-enhanced Systems for Energy Conversion and Environmental Remediation


The introduction of plasmons is an important method to solve the insufficient utilization of the full spectrum of solar energy by semiconductor catalysts. However, semiconductor catalysts combined with traditional noble metal plasmons(Au, Ag) can only extend the absorption spectrum to partially visible light. In order to further improve the photoenergy absorption efficiency of catalysts, they need to be able to effectively utilize near-infrared light, which has become a new research direction. Recent studies have shown that traditional noble metal plasmons can absorb a part of NIR through special morphology, size control and material composite. At the same time, gratifying achievements have been made in the application of plasmonic semiconductors with broad spectrum absorption in catalysis. This article reviews the principles of generating and regulating plasmonic effects in different catalytic systems. The applications of plasmon absorption of near-infrared light in energy conversion and environmental remediation have also been presented.

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  • Near-infrared
  • Plasmon
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  • Environmental remediation