Chemical Research in Chinese Universities

, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 241–246 | Cite as

Electronic and Spectroscopic Properties of La2@C112 Isomers

  • Mingqian Wang
  • Boning Wang
  • Weiqi Li
  • Xin Zhou
  • Li Yang
  • Weiquan Tian


Among the 3352 isolated pentagon rule(IPR) isomers and 129073 non-IPR isomers satisfying adjacent pentagon pairs(APPs)≤2 of fullerene C112, the lowest-energy IPR and non-IPR isomers of C112 and C1126- have been fully screened by the density functional tight-binding(DFTB) and density functional theory(DFT) methods for studying the electronic and spectroscopic properties of La2@C112. The structural features and infrared and absorption spectra of those isomers were analyzed in detail, and the characteristic fingerprint absorption peaks were assigned. To clarify the relative stabilities of La2@C112 isomers at high temperature, entropy contributions were determined at the B3LYP level. IPR isomer La2@C112(C2:860136) is not the lowest-energy isomer but is one of the most important isomers. This is the first work that considers non-IPR C112 isomers when exploring the structure and properties of La2@C112.


C112 fullerene La-endohedral metallofullerene(La-EMF) Thermostability IR spectrum UV-Vis spectrum 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Critical Materials Technology for New Energy Conversion and Storage, Ministry of Industry and Information, School of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringHarbin Institute of TechnologyHarbinP. R. China
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsHarbin Institute of TechnologyHarbinP. R. China
  3. 3.College of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringChongqing UniversityChongqingP. R. China

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