Structure and enhanced antifungal activity of a divalent cobalt(II) complex with hexaconazole



A new CoII complex, [CoL4Cl2]·2CH3CH2OH(L=hexaconazole), was synthesized and characterized by means of elemental analysis, infrared spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The crystal structural analysis shows that the centrosymmetric Co2+ is coordinated by four hexaconazole ligands and two Cl to form a distorted octahedral geometry. The complex forms 1D chains through the intermolecular hydrogen bonds interaction of O―H···O and O―H···Cl. Furthermore, the antifungal activities of the complex against Grape anthracnose(I), Bo-tryosphaeria berengriana(II), Botryosphaeria ribis(III) and Wheat gibberellic(IV) have been investigated and com-pared with those of the corresponding ligand. The results show that the complex has better antifungal activity than the ligand, which indicates that the coordination of the ligand and the metal enhances the antimicrobialactivity.


CoII complex Hexaconazole Crystal structure Antifungal activity 


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