The simultaneous effects of thermal stress and air pollution on body temperature of Tehran traffic officers



Global warming and air pollution are among the most important problems all over the world. Considering the key role of traffic officers who saliently deal with traffic management and are in full, constant and direct exposure to thermal stress and air pollution index, this study aims to investigate the simultaneous effects of these factors on the body temperature of traffic officers in the main squares of Tehran.


This study was conducted among 119 traffic officers who were working in 29 squares of Tehran, located near the active pollutant’s stations during 2017. Samples were selected by the census method. Environmental parameters such as air temperature (dry and wet), radiation temperature, the level of air pollution in the main squares and characteristics of officers such as body temperature and the Wet-Bulb-Globe-Temperature (WBGT) index were evaluated. Data were analyzed through independent samples t-test and factorial ANOVA with a p value of p ≤ 0.05 in SPSS software.


There was no significant relationship between air pollution and ear temperature, but there was a statistically significant difference between the wet-bulb temperature and the ear temperature (t = 26.4, P < 0.001). The interaction effect of air pollution and wet-bulb temperature on the ear temperature was also significant (F = 3.98, P = 0.048).


Exposure to heat and air pollution affects body temperature, with its greatest impact on the temperature of the ear. More studies are recommended to be conducted in these field and other factors such as demographic and environmental factors at different times of the year should be investigated. Accordingly, some interventions should be implemented to reduce the vulnerability of officers based on the findings of the research.

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