Influences of the Texture Characteristic and Interdendritic LPSO Phase Distribution on the Tensile Properties of Mg–Gd–Y–Zn–Zr Sheets Through Hot Rolling


The Mg–Gd–Y–Zn–Zr alloy sheets with different texture characteristics and distribution of the interdendritic long period-stacking ordered (LPSO) phases were fabricated through altering the final rolling reduction (FRR). The results showed that the texture characteristic was closely related to FRR and affected the tensile properties of the resulted sheets to some extent. The Schmid factor (SF) of the basal \(\left\langle a \right\rangle\) slip improved with further FRR, which was ascribed to that the dynamic recrystallization (DRX) grains expand into the deformed grains with basal texture. However, the improvement of the tensile yield strength (TYS) with further FRR indicates that the strengthening effect from DRX grains surpasses the weakening effect from the elevated SF. The formation of the line-distributed interdendritic 14H-LPSO phases can also affect the tensile properties of the resulted sheets. The line-distributed interdendritic 14H-LPSO phases along rolling direction (RD) can act as reinforcing fiber and contribute to the higher TYS along RD and 45° to some extent, which resulted in the higher TYS along 45° compared with that along transverse direction (TD) for each resulted sheet under the circumstance of approximate basal \(\left\langle a \right\rangle\) and pyramid \(\left\langle {c + a} \right\rangle\) friction stress. Thus, the tensile yield strength is not only related to the texture, but also depends on the grain size and line-distributed interdendritic LPSO phases. The micro-cracks spread perpendicular to the tension direction, and thus, the larger cracks form within the line-distributed 14H-LPSO phases during tension along TD, which accounts for the lower fracture elongation along TD.

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  • Final rolling reduction
  • Texture characteristic
  • Interdendritic 14H-LPSO phases distribution
  • Tensile property