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Wear behavior of cold pressed and sintered Al2O3/TiC/CaF2-Al2O3/TiC laminated ceramic composite

Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) Aims and scope

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A novel laminated Al2O3/TiC/CaF2-Al2O3/TiC sandwich ceramic composite was fabricated through cold pressing and sintering to achieve better anti-wear performance, such as low friction coefficient and low wear rate. Al2O3/TiC/CaF2 and Al2O3/TiC composites were alternatively built layer-by-layer to obtain a sandwich structure. Solid lubricant CaF2 was added evenly into the Al2O3/TiC/CaF2 layer to reduce the friction and wear. Al2O3/TiC ceramic was also cold pressed and sintered for comparison. Friction analysis of the two ceramics was then conducted via a wear-and-tear machine. Worn surface and surface compositions were examined by scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersion spectrum, respectively. Results showed that the laminated Al2O3/TiC/CaF2-Al2O3/TiC sandwich ceramic composite has lower friction coefficient and lower wear rate than those of Al2O3/TiC ceramic alone because of the addition of CaF2 into the laminated Al2O3/TiC/CaF2-Al2O3/TiC sandwich ceramic composite. Under the friction load, the tiny CaF2 particles were scraped from the Al2O3/TiC/CaF2 layer and spread on friction pairs before falling off into micropits. This process formed a smooth, self-lubricating film, which led to better anti-wear properties. Adhesive wear is the main wear mechanism of Al2O3/TiC/CaF2 layer and abrasive wear is the main wear mechanism of Al2O3/TiC layer.

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Yang, X., Cheng, J., Song, P. et al. Wear behavior of cold pressed and sintered Al2O3/TiC/CaF2-Al2O3/TiC laminated ceramic composite. ACTA METALL SIN 26, 157–166 (2013).

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