Dictionary Indexing of Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction Patterns: a Hands-On Tutorial

  • M. A. Jackson
  • E. Pascal
  • M. De GraefEmail author
Thematic Section: 3D Materials Science


Dictionary indexing of electron back-scatter patterns was recently proposed as an alternative to the commercially available indexing packages. In this tutorial paper, we describe in detail the various steps that need to be taken to successfully complete an indexing run on an arbitrary data set. We provide three toy data sets for the reader to experiment with: poly-crystalline nickel with several different acquisition conditions, orthorhombic forsterite, and a single slice from a large serial sectioning experiment on a Ni-based superalloy. The data files and all files produced by the indexing routine are made available as Supplementary Material (


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The authors would like to thank Stuart Wright, Katharina Marquardt, and Michael Uchic for making experimental data sets available and allowing us to make them publicly accessible. We would like to thank Melanie Gainey and the KiltHub team at Carnegie Mellon University for their support in permanently hosting the data files.

Funding Information

The authors received funding from a DoD Vannevar-Bush Faculty Fellowship (no. N00014-16-1-2821) as well as the computational facilities of the Materials Characterization Facility at CMU under grant no. MCF-677785.


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