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Dedicated scholar and research entrepreneur: Svein Jentoft’s contributions to social science research

  • Knut H. MikalsenEmail author

A necessary caveat to begin with. A short essay cannot possibly do justice to a rich and prolific working life. Having been a close friend and colleague for most of Svein’s career, I am still overwhelmed by the sheer volume of journal articles, books and edited volumes on his list of publications, and the variety of activities—both academic and public—in which he has been engaged. He has been at the helm of a number of domestic and international research projects involving collaboration with colleagues across several continents, countries and research institutions—with a scholarly output that is simply stunning. Writing this scholarly or intellectual portrait, selectivity has thus been necessary—given both the essay format and my own shortcomings when it comes to expertise and oversight. Discovering that I had lost track of Svein’s intellectual ‘whereabouts’ and scholarly contributions during the last ten years or so, the present essay is also an attempt at informing myself by closing...



Comments from Maarten Bavinck, Hans-Kristian Hernes and Turid Moldenæs are gratefully acknowledged.


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