Microstructure and mechanical properties of short-carbon-fiber/Ti3SiC2 composites


Short-carbon-fibers (Csf) reinforced Ti3SiC2 matrix composites (Csf/Ti3SiC2, the Csf content was 0 vol%, 2 vol%, 5 vol%, and 10 vol%) were fabricated by spark plasma sintering (SPS) using Ti3SiC2 powders and Csf as starting materials at 1300 °C. The effects of Csf addition on the phase compositions, microstructures, and mechanical properties (including hardness, flexural strength (σf), and KIC) of Csf/Ti3SiC2 composites were investigated. The Csf, with bi-layered transition layers, i.e., TiC and SiC layers, were homogeneously distributed in the as-prepared Csf/Ti3SiC2 composites. With the increase of Csf content, the KIC of Csf/Ti3SiC2 composites increased, but the σf decreased, and the Vickers hardness decreased initially and then increased steadily when the Csf content was higher than 2 vol%. These changed performances (hardness, σf, and KIC) could be attributed to the introduction of Csf and the formation of stronger interfacial phases.


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  • Ti3SiC2
  • short-carbon-fibers (Csf)
  • spark plasma sintering (SPS)
  • microstructure
  • mechanical properties