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Acknowledgement to Authors, Referees, and Readers

Dear Reader,

As we reach the end of 2018, we would like to thank our authors, our readers, and our reviewers for their kind support for Neurology and Therapy. 2018 was a successful year for the journal: we had over 107,000 downloads between January and October in 2018, a CiteScore™ of 3.19, applied for an impact factor, and published 29 articles. The five most popular articles in 2018 in terms of downloads from SpringerLink were:

In particular, this year, we have been excited to see the increase in submissions of digital features, an example of which can be viewed here: We also continue to encourage the patient voice through our patient and physician perspectives articles (available at We are delighted to see the popularity of these initiatives and hope that they are helping time-pressured physicians to keep up to date with the science and with patient perspectives.

Thank you to our authors for choosing to submit your work to Neurology and Therapy this year and in previous years; we are aware of the time and effort expended in authoring and during the submission and revision processes. We are continually honored by the contributions that expert researchers make to the journal, and we are proud to be able to play a part in disseminating quality research, rapidly and open access, to reach as large an audience as possible.

Thank you to our reviewers, some of whom are named on our journal website, and some who are not yet formally registered but to whom we remain very grateful and invite to join our Advisory Board. We value your guidance in helping us to deliver quality research to the healthcare community. Our gift to loyal reviewers, following three reviews, is to invite you to submit your own research for publication, which (if accepted by peer review) we are more than happy to publish for you.

We also appreciate the time, effort, and expertise required for considered reviews. In recognition of this, we are offering free publication (regardless of the number of reviews) of an accepted manuscript authored by the three most valued reviewers in 2018. We will be contacting these reviewers personally and, with their permission, we will publish their names in January.

Finally, thank you to our readers. We hope that you have found the articles published throughout the year in Neurology and Therapy to be valuable for your own research and most importantly, for your work with patients.

With Best Wishes,

Marwan N. Sabbagh, Editor in Chief, US

Antonio Bertolotto, Editor in Chief, EU



No funding or sponsorship was received for this study or the publication of this article.


All named authors meet the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) criteria for authorship of this article, take responsibility for the integrity of the work as a whole, and have given their approval for this version to be published.


Antonio Bertolotto received honoraria for serving on the scientific advisory boards of Biogen, Merck, Mylan, and Sanofi Genzyme, and received speaker honoraria from Biogen, Genzyme, Novartis, and TEVA; his institution has received grant support from Almirall, Bayer, Biogen, Genzyme, Merck, Novartis, TEVA, from the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society, Fondazione Associazione Ricerca Biomedica ONLUS, and San Luigi ONLUS; his institution has received research support from Admirall, Biogen, Bayer, Merck, Sanofi Genzyme, Novartis, and Teva, and from the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society, Fondazione Associazione Ricerca Biomedica, and San Luigi Onlus. Marwan Sabbagh—stock/ownership: uMethodHealth, Versanum, Brain Health Inc., NeuroTau. Advisory: Biogen, Lilly, VTV Therapeutics, Roche/Genetech, Allergan, Eisai, Grifols. CME: MedLearning Group, Miller Meded, Medscape, Rockpointe, Peerview Press.

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This article does not contain any studies with human participants or animals performed by any of the authors.

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