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Bearing Capacity of Surface Footings on Reinforced Sandy Bed: A Revised Regression Model


This paper pertains to the development of a revised regression modeling approach to assess the bearing capacity of surface footings resting on reinforced sandy bed. Analyses of extensive dataset comprising results of 41 tests are analyzed with the aid of two existing theories that are based on observational and statistical approach. The analyses revealed that multivariable linear regression estimate proposed by one of the theories is inadequate to capture the variability of the dataset, while the other is restrictive in its usage due to the strict boundary constraints imposed on the range of the various parameters affecting the bearing capacity of reinforced foundation bed. Hence, a refined linear and nonlinear regression analysis is carried out in the present study to suggest an improvised expression for determining the load-distribution angle within a sandy ground embedded with reinforcements. Parameters that are likely to affect the behavior of reinforced sandy ground (but are unaccounted in earlier approaches) are taken into consideration in the present study. The proposed regression expression and the adopted approach resulted in very encouraging predictions. A sensitivity analysis is also carried out in order to determine the measure of importance of the parameters toward the outcome of the model. It is found that along with relative depth and numbers of layers of reinforcement, the angle of internal friction of soil significantly influence the sensitivity of the system, while the unit weight of soil, tensile strength and covering ratio of reinforcement have moderate influence. Relative length of reinforcement is found to have minor influence.

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Data Availability

Some or all data, models or code that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.


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  • Bearing capacity
  • Reinforced sandy bed
  • Load-dispersion angle
  • Regression analysis
  • Outliers
  • Sensitivity analysis