\({S}_{H}\)-metric spaces and fixed-point theorems for multi-valued weak contraction mappings


In this note for every \(S\)-metric space \((X,S),\) we define a new \(S\)-metric \({S}_{H}\) called Hausdorff S-metric on \(CB(X)\) and show that if \((X,S)\) is complete, \((K\left(X\right), {S}_{H})\) is complete too, where K(X) is the set of all compact nonempty subsets of \(X\) and the notion of weak contraction multi-valued mappings on complete metric spaces (Kritsana Neammanee & Annop Kaewkhao, 2011) is generalized to complete \(S\)-metric spaces. This idea is used to establish some fixed-point theorems for weak contractive multi-valued mappings from \((X,S)\) into \((CB\left(X\right),{S}_{H})\).

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  • Collage theorem
  • Fixed point
  • Hausdorff -metric space
  • Multi-valued mapping
  • Multi-valued Zamfirescu mapping
  • Weak contraction

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