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Effect of collector roof cum chimney divergence and exhaust fan on solar chimney power plant performance


The present research paper investigates the performance of divergent solar chimney power plant. A numerical model has been developed to predict the performance of divergent solar chimney power plant using ANSYS 15.0. Mesh refinement is performed in conventional solar chimney power plant and divergent solar chimney power plant. The numerical model has been validated with experimental data of Manzanares pilot plant. The simulated results are in good agreement with the experimental results. The k-ε (Realizable) turbulent model has been used for final simulation after thorough numerical testing. The collector efficiency and power output have been obtained in case of divergent solar chimney power plant deployed with divergence and exhaust fan at chimney outlet. The collector efficiency and power production capacity rose by 6.7% and 15% by 2 ° of divergence. Deployment of the chimney exhaust pump led to further 11.74% rise in net power output.

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g :

Acceleration due to gravity, m/s2

\({A}_{coll}\) :

Area of collector, m2

x :

Axial coordinate, m

\({v}_{x}\) :

Axial velocity, m/s

\(\varphi\) :

Chimney diverging angle

\({H}_{c}\) :

Chimney height, m

\({T}_{C-i}{ \& T}_{C-o}\) :

Collector inlet and outlet temperature, K

\(\theta\) :

Collector’s slope

\(\rho\) :

Density of air, kg/m3

i :

j, Directional components

\(DO\) :

Discrete ordinates


Divergent solar chimney power plant

\(\mu\) :

Dynamic viscosity, Pa.s

\(\eta\) :


E :

Energy, J

\(\nabla\) :

Gradient operator

G r :

Grashof number

G :

Incident solar radiation, W/m2

m :

Mass flow rate, kg/s


Phase change material

P :

Power output, W

Pr :

Prandtl number

\(\Delta p\) :

Pressure drop across turbine, Pa

p :

Pressure, Pa


Quadratic upstream interpolation for convective kinematics

r :

Radial coordinate (m)

\({v}_{r}\) Radial velocity:


Ra :

Rayleigh number


Semi-implicit method for pressure linked equations


Solar chimney power plant

\(c_{p}\) :

Specific heat capacity, J/kg.K

\(\nabla\) T :

Temperature gradient, K/m

\(\Delta T\) :

Temperature increment of air, K

\(\alpha\) :

Thermal diffusivity, m2/s

\(\beta\) :

Thermal expansion coefficient, 1/K

T :

Time coordinate, s

\(\varepsilon\) :

Turbulent dissipation rate, m2/s2

\(G_{b}\) :

Turbulent kinetic energy due to buoyancy, m2/s2

\(G_{k}\) :

Turbulent kinetic energy due to mean velocity gradient, m2/s2

\(\sigma_{k} , \sigma_{\varepsilon }\) :

Turbulent Prandtl number

\(\mu_{t}\) :

Turbulent viscosity, Pa s

V :

Volumetric flow rate, m3/s


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Author is thankful to NIT Raipur authorities for providing library and computational facilities need for this research work.

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  • Divergent solar chimney power plant (DSCPP)
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