Performance analysis and investigation of a 6 MW grid-connected ground-based PV plant installed in hot desert climate conditions


This paper experimentally analyzed and investigated 12-months of a 6 MW grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) plant mounted on a ground-base in Zaouiet Kounta (27°13′00" N, 0°12′00" W), southern Algeria. According to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification, the Adrar region is a hot desert climate. The performance ratio and several main normalized parameters (system efficiency, capacity factor, and system and total losses) were calculated according to IEC 61,724 standards. Additionally, the assessment and analysis of the degradation rate were limited to a one-year data. The results can be used to improve the prediction of future large-scale photovoltaic plants mounted in hot desert climates and could help in designing, operating and maintaining new grid-connected systems.

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I p :

Maximum power current (A)

P p :

Maximum power (W)

V p :

Maximum power voltage (V)

V oc :

Open circuit voltage (V)

I sc :

Short circuit current (A)


Alternating current (A)


Hot desert climates


Arid Desert Cold arid


Arid steppe cold arid


Warm temperature summer dry hot summer

E :

Total energy output (kW h)


Direct current (A)


Degradation rate (%)


Nominal operating cell temperature (°C)




Performance ratio (%)


Standard test condition (25 °C and 1000 W/m2)


Array capture loss (h/day)

L C :

Capture loss (h/day)

L S :

System loss (h/day)

L T :

Total loss (h/day)

Y A :

Array yield (h/day)

Y F :

Final yield (h/day)

Y R :

Reference yield (h/day

G t :

In-plane radiation (W/m2)


Solar radiation under STC (1000 W/m2)

H t :

In-plane irradiation (kWh/m2)

T c :

Module temperature (°C)


NOCT temperature (°C)

T amb :

Ambient temperature (°C)

η sys :

System efficiency (%

α P :

Temperature coefficient of Pp (%/°C)

α Isc :

Temperature coefficient of Isc (%/°C)

α Voc :

Temperature coefficient of Voc (%/°C)

τ :

Recording interval (τ = 15 min


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