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The study of performance and emission characteristics of a spark ignition (SI) engine fueled with different blends of pomegranate ethanol


This work focuses on exctracting ethanol from waste pomegranate (Punica granatum) and the experimental investigation of impact of various mixtures on emissions and engine performance. Ethanol is produced through the fermentation process of waste pomegranate fruits. Four combinations, namely E10, E15, E20, and E25, were prepared and tested for various speeds with a wide open throttle at 10:1 compression ratio. As a result, it was found that the ethanol enrichment increased the fuel consumption and power for braking while the thermal efficiency decreased. CO-produced HC has decreased, but ethanol concentrations have increased the NOx and CO2 content emitted from the exhaust gas. The 1500RPM engine speed and the E15 combination revealed the optimal values of performance parameters among all the fuel combinations studied.

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  • Biofuel
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  • Emission characteristics
  • SI. Engine performance