Terahertz emission during laser-plasma interaction: effect of electron temperature and collisions


The electron-neutral collisions in the plasma become crucial with regard to the generation of THz radiation when thermal motion of the electrons is considerable. If we look at the mechanism of THz emission, this is only the movement/oscillations of the electrons which is responsible for the excitation of nonlinear current that generated the THz radiation. The present work aims to disclose the role of thermal motion of the plasma electrons to the resonance condition and the THz emission when two co-propagating super-Gaussian laser beams beat in the plasma. The dynamics of the plasma electrons and subsequent generation of nonlinear current are discussed in greater detail for the emission of THz radiation.

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  • Laser-plasma interaction
  • Ponderomotive force
  • Terahertz radiation
  • Electron temperature
  • Super-Gaussian laser
  • Efficiency