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Table 6 Result obtained from the probabilistic model

From: Quantitative risk management in gas injection project: a case study from Oman oil and gas industry

Risk Risk level Ranking
Unauthorized deviation from vendor High 43.7
Late provision of vendor data High 33.2
Late placement of the purchase orders Medium 12.3
Late arrival of materials on site due to poor vendor performance or quality failures High 3.2
Complex interfaces within package vendors High 3.2
Lack of installation and commissioning spares High 2.3
Failure during acceptance testing High 2.0
Inexperience of construction contractor on CRA material High 0
Construction productivity is poor due to concurrent operations and H2S safety High 0
Delay in receiving pipe and pipe fittings High 0
Failure of vendors to comply with approved designs Medium  
Footprint specified in the plot plan is not met by the package vendors Medium 0
Lack of sound experience of E&P contractor High 0
Lack of adequate operations staff High 0
Market price rise High 0
Working adjacent to existing live plant leading to exposure to high H2S gas High 0