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Table 5 Selected risk factors with their probabilities

From: Quantitative risk management in gas injection project: a case study from Oman oil and gas industry

No. Risk Severity/consequence Likelihood Risk level Probability, %
1 Working adjacent to existing live plant leading to exposure to high H2S gas 5 (P) C High 40
2 Lack of installation and commissioning spares 3 (S) E High 90
3 Footprint specified in the plot plan is not met by the package vendors 2 (S) E Medium 90
4 Delay in receiving pipe and pipe fittings 4 (S) E High 90
5 Complex interfaces within package vendors (compressor vendors, TEG vendors, sub vendors and E&P contractor) 4 (S) D High 70
6 Failure of vendors to comply with approved designs resulting in re-design/re-work 4 (S) C Medium 50
7 Failure during acceptance testing 3 (S) E High 70
8 Inexperience of construction contractor on CRA material 5 (S) E High 90
9 Poor vendor performance or quality failures 4 (S) D High 70
10 Late provision of vendor data 4 (S) D High 70
11 Late placement of the purchase orders (PO) 4 (S) C Medium 95
12 Market price rise 4 (S) D High 70
13 Lack of sound experience of E&P contractor 4 (S) D High 70
14 Lack of adequate operations staff 4 (S) D High 70
15 Unauthorized deviation from vendor 3 (S) E High 85
16 Construction productivity is poor due to concurrent operations and H2S safety measures 4 (S) D High 70