A brief review of carbon nanotube reinforced metal matrix composites for aerospace and defense applications


The aerospace and defense industry's intense desire is to revamp the performance characteristics of space shuttle vehicles, military tanker vehicles by continuously driving the production of advanced materials with remarkable properties. Thus, the need for high strength and lower weight metals are increasing rapidly in these industries. In this view, many research works on composites have been proved, especially metal matrix composites (MMCs). Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are rolled-up graphene sheets with superior mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties attracted by many researchers in fabrication with MMCs. Metal matrix composites are developed in making space shuttle components and jet engine parts due to their higher specific strength and wear resistance. Numerous experimental investigations were performed on CNT reinforced MMCs in the making of structural components in aerospace and military vehicles, but the challenge still exists in many factors such as the production of complex structural components with optimistic performance, poor scattering of CNT in MMCs due to the formation of agglomeration and to retain nanoscale properties in large fraction. The aim of this review is to discuss about the development of MMCs in aerospace and military applications, the importance of CNTs in the field of the aviation industry, challenges in aerospace and defense sectors, and highlighting the importance of various processing techniques adopted in the development of CNT reinforced MMCs.

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Carbon nanotube


Single-walled carbon nanotube


Double-walled carbon nanotube


Multi-walled carbon nanotube


Metal matrix composites


Aluminium metal matrix composites


Titanium metal matrix composites


Magnesium metal matrix composites


Copper metal matrix composites


Electrically conductive adhesives












Carbon fibre


Silicon carbide

Al2O3 :

Aluminum oxide




Boron carbide

Si3N4 :

Silicon nitride

TiO2 :

Titanium dioxide


Titanium carbide

TiB2 :

Titanium diboride








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