Correction to: Experimental and theoretical investigations on temperature and voltage dependence of an Au/AZO thin-film Schottky diode

  • Aliasghar ShokriEmail author
  • Laya Dejam
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Correction to: International Nano Letters

The original version of this article unfortunately contains an error in Equation 3.

The correct Equation is given below:
$$ J_{\text{th}} = A^{*} T^{2} \exp \left( { - \frac{{\varPhi_{\text{B}} }}{{k_{\text{B}} T}}} \right)\left[ {\exp \left( {\frac{{e(V_{\text{a}} - A_{\text{c}} J_{\text{th}} R_{\text{s}} )}}{{nk_{\text{B}} T}}} \right) - 1} \right]. $$

The original article has been corrected.

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