The Adams spectral sequence for 3-local \(\mathrm {tmf}\)


The purpose of this article is to record the computation of the homotopy groups of 3-local \(\mathrm {tmf}\) via the Adams spectral sequence.

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  1. 1.

    The class \(c_6\alpha _1\) will be dealt with by an Adams differential.


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The author would like to thank Mark Behrens for encouraging him to write up this computation, as well as Bob Bruner for helpful discussions. He would also like to thank Hood Chatham for creating such a wonderful LaTeXpackage for drawing spectral sequences as well as for assistance in drawing some of the charts in this paper. Finally, the author thanks an anonymous referee for carefully reading earlier drafts of this paper. They caught many typos and errors and suggested improvements to the exposition, resulting in a better paper.

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