Homotopical algebra is not concrete


We generalize Freyd’s well-known result that “homotopy is not concrete”, offering a general method to show that under certain assumptions on a model category \(\mathcal {M}\), its homotopy category \(\textsc {ho}(\mathcal {M})\) cannot be concrete. This result is part of an attempt to understand more deeply the relation between set theory and abstract homotopy theory.

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  1. 1.

    As already mentioned, this is a shorthand to refer to the category of small categories with its ‘folk’ model structure having weak equivalences the equivalences of categories, and cofibrations the functors injective on objects.

  2. 2.

    The symbol \(\varpi \) is an alternative glyph for the Greek letter \(\pi \).


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The authors would like to thank professor Dan Christensen for a preliminary and attentive reading of the first draft of this paper, professor Jiří Rosický for his support in our investigation, professor Ivo Dell’Ambrogio for persuading us about the relevance of our result to a public of algebraic topologists, and more in general everybody who contributed to the improvement of this work.

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Correspondence to Fosco Loregian.

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F. Loregian is supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic under the Grant P201/12/G028.

Communicated by Jiri Rosicky.

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  • Concrete category
  • Homotopical algebra
  • Model category
  • Faithful functor