Computations of orbits for the Lubin–Tate ring


We take a direct approach to computing the orbits for the action of the automorphism group \(\mathbb {G}_2\) of the Honda formal group law of height 2 on the associated Lubin–Tate rings \(R_2\). We prove that \((R_2/p)_{\mathbb {G}_2} \cong \mathbb {F}_p\). The result is new for \(p=2\) and \(p=3\). For primes \(p\ge 5\), the result is a consequence of computations of Shimomura and Yabe and has been reproduced by Kohlhaase using different methods.

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    If one is willing to work with the formal group law of a super-singular elliptic curve rather than the Honda formal group law, an analogue of Theorem 2.3 follows from Section 6 of [1] where the results were obtained directly. The analogue of Theorem 2.1 also holds in this case, the proof being completely analogous to the one provided below.


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We thank some of the usual suspects for useful conversations: Tobias Barthel, Mark Behrens, Paul Goerss, Hans-Werner Henn, Mike Hopkins, Niko Naumann and Vesna Stojanoska. We also thank the referee and the editors their input.

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  • Honda formal group law
  • Lubin-Tate ring
  • Morava E-theory
  • Morava stabilizer group
  • Chromatic Vanishing Conjecture