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The mod 2 Hopf ring for connective Morava K-theory



This paper examines the mod 2 homology of the spaces in the Omega-spectrum for connective Morava K-theory, i.e., the mod 2 Hopf ring for connective Morava K-theory. A natural set of generators for this Hopf ring arising from the homology and homotopy of the connective Morava K-theory spectrum is calculated and the non-trivial circle product relations among the generators arising from homology and homotopy are determined. This Hopf ring calculation is accomplished using Dieudonné ring theory and Adams spectral sequences for the connective Morava K-theory of Brown–Gitler spectra.


Hopf ring Dieudonné ring Morava K-theory  Brown–Gitler spectra 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 55T25 55P42 55P47 55S12 55S15 



The author would like to thank Paul Goerss, Mark Mahowald, and Doug Ravenel for their help and guidance.


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