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Multi-dimensional electrostatic plasma simulations using the particle-in-cell method for the low-temperature plasmas for materials processing


With the increasing requirement for the analysis of nonlinear and transient behaviors in plasma systems, the demand for particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations is increasing. However, most plasma simulations have utilized fluid models because of the high computational cost of the PIC simulation. This article introduces the most recent advances in the electrostatic particle-in-cell simulations of low-temperature plasmas for materials processing. The parallelization in multi-dimensional geometry using heterogeneous computing and the method to treat curved boundaries are explained to improve the PIC simulation. Test examples of two-dimensional hollow cathode discharges and three-dimensional magnetron sputtering systems are presented to investigate the kinetic effects of the system.

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This work was supported by Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd., Memory Department, Etch Technology Team.

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