Replication of the Al/Ti Metal Intermetallic Laminates Using LS Dyna for Tungsten Alloy Penetrator Application


In this study, the simulation of the Al/Al3Ti metal intermetallic laminates was done using finite element analysis software LS Dyna, under high-speed impact loading using a tungsten projectile. These MILs were processed by diffusion bonding under the condition (575 °C, 4 MPa and 6 h), which was further annealed for 48 h. In LS Dyna, the projectile was fired at different velocities such as 900 m/s, 1200 m/s and 2000 m/s to varying angles of 0°, 30° and 60°. In each case, the penetration depth of the projectile and the number of layers damaged were found to understand the resistance offered by the MILs to the projectile. The time versus projectile penetration depth graph and the corresponding stress distribution in the MILs in each case were plotted to understand the extent of damage caused. Further, the velocity, energy and crack density distribution graphs were extracted from LS Dyna to understand in detail the journey of the projectile through the MIL. It was found that greater the angle of firing, the lesser the penetration depth of the projectile but at the cost of more damage to the layers up to which the projectile penetrated through the MIL.

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  • Metal intermetallic laminates
  • LS Dyna
  • Finite element analysis
  • Penetration depth
  • Johnson–Cook (JC) model