Blast Load Analysis of Pre-twisted Steel Columns

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  • Theresa Paul
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A pre-twisted column has its strong flexural weakened plane, and if the weakened plane is strengthened, it leads to a favourable effect on the buckling effect of the pre-twisted column. A linear buckling analysis was conducted for the boxed and unboxed sections of columns with varying twisted angles using ANSYS workbench. It was found that pre-twisting was effective in increasing the buckling capacity of a column up to 51% for unboxed columns having an optimal twist angle of 135° and 15% increase for boxed columns showing an optimal angle of 155°. Blast load analyses on pre-twisted columns were conducted for loaded and unloaded conditions using ANSYS AUTODYN for 10 kg of TNT (trinitrotoluene). A column subjected to a 10-kg blast load could withstand the blast without any failure. The kinetic energy absorbed by the columns diminished for 10 kg of TNT, and loaded columns yielded without initiation of any cracks, whereas unloaded sections did not yield.


Pre-twisted Buckling Blast Slenderness ratio Wedge Johnson–Cook Thin walls 



The authors are thankful to Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam (Structural Engineering Design Studio), for conducting this research.


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