Palm leaf manuscripts: Saaswathaiswaryam the eternal treasure of India


Palm Leaf Manuscripts hold the knowledge of India dating back to several centuries. Therefore, Palm Leaf manuscripts are valued as Saaswathaiswaryam, implying eternal (Saaswath [Sanskrit word meaning Eternal, Forever]) wealth (Aiswaryam [Sanskrit word meaning wealth]). But the Palm Leaf manuscripts are in different conditions- brittle, moth-eaten, edge-damaged, portions broken, etc. Besides, the leaves themselves are in bundles, that too out of order. The challenge for our generation is to design a methodology to capture the contents, recreate the missing portion, and figure out a way to right-order the manuscripts. Alongside, use modern technology for storage and retrieval, with emphasis on relevance to the requirement posed in the search query.

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  3. 3.—Portal of the National Mission for Manuscripts

  4. 4.—Kriti Sam pada—National Database of Manuscripts

  5. 5.

    Facilitating Enhanced User Access Through Palm-Leaf Manuscript Digitization—Challenges and Solutions—VK Mehta et al, IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Technologies (ICECCT 2017), 2017

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  • Palm-leaf manuscripts
  • Digital preservation
  • Image processing
  • Heritage conservation