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CSI Wireless Special Issue: Overview

An overview of the 5G research happening in India
  • Jishnu AravindakshanEmail author
  • Kumar N. Sivarajan
S.I. : Wireless in the future


India has experiened an explosive growth in broadband customers over the last three years from 192 million [1] in September 2016 to 407 million in 2017 [2], and further to 481 million in Sept 2018 [3]. Of all the internet subscribers in India as on September 2018 [3], only 21 million are on wireline broadband whereas more than 370 million are using 4G. In summary, the primary telecom infrastructure for access is, and will be, wireless in India for the foreseeble future not only for voice applications but also for broadband, and by extension, for IoT (Internet of Things) as well.

We expect the same to be true globally of many developing countries but this also true in many areas of the developed world where the infrastructure is based on copper. The ambition for wireless is to provide infrastructure better than copper where it is impossible, or economically infeasible, to lay fiber.

We are in the Information Age about which Arthur C. Clarke said, “The Information Age offers...


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