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Multi-input and multi-output SOI (MIMO-SOI) platform for silicon photonics


We have proposed and demonstrated a method for the fabrication of a SOI platform with custom-design device layer thickness (<1 μm) which can be accessed by any desired number of adiabatically tapered single-mode input/output waveguides (multi-input multi-output waveguides) of widths and heights >1 μm, operating at λ ~ 1550 nm. The input/output waveguides can be pigtailed with standard single-mode fiber with lensed tip ensuring modal overlap of >70% (coupling loss <1.5 dB). Such a multi-input multi-output SOI platform will facilitate for CMOS silicon photonics based on-chip applications with an additional usage freedom of device layer thickness. Moreover, it can be potentially used to design SOI based stand-alone devices which can be useful at transmitters/repeaters for short-haul/long-haul optical communication.

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This work is being pursued with in the scope of silicon photonics research activities at the Centre for NEMS and Nanophotonics (CNNP), IIT Madras; funded by MeitY, Govt. of India. The authors also gratefully acknowledge MeitY for the research fellowship to Ramesh K. Gupta under Visvesvaraya PhD scheme.

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