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Fuzzy Based Detection of Malicious Activity for Security Assessment of MANET

  • Dhananjay Bisen
  • Sanjeev Sharma
Short Communication


Wireless MANET is particularly vulnerable due to its fundamental characteristics such as open medium, dynamic topology, distributed cooperation, congestion, energy constrained, variable capacity links and security. Due to security vulnerabilities and dynamic nature of network, wireless mobile ad-hoc networks may be unprotected against packet dropping attacks by any unauthorized node. This paper proposes fuzzy based secure architecture (FBSA) for mobile ad-hoc network in which node classification and detection of malicious activity is done through fuzzy detector. After detection of malicious activity, comparative study is performed on various parameters such as packet delivery ratio, average throughput, total packet forwarding and percentage of detection with variation in node speed.


MANET FIS Fuzzy logic AODV Packet dropping Malicious activity 


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  1. 1.School of Information TechnologyRGPVBhopalIndia

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