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"Do not expect too much from autonomous vehicles"

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The electric car will not be able to solve the numerous problems that mobility has on its own, Prof. Markus Lienkamp explains in an interview. The Head of the Institute for Vehicle Technology at the Technical University of Munich also warns that we should not expect too much from autonomous vehicles. Mobility concepts are required that will cost certain automotive manufacturers a part of their profit.

ATZelectronics _ Professor Lienkamp, I would like to start with a quote that you made some time ago: "In the future, my smartphone will determine how and by what means I arrive at my destination." How realistic is this scenario?

LIENKAMP _ I consider this scenario to be very realistic. The smartphones of today can already provide precise information regarding which means of transport is the fastest, cheapest or most comfortable for a particular route. Let me give you an example. Google has access to comprehensive mobility data that are created via the localization of cell phones. The...

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