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ADS-TEC | Storage-based Fast Charging Solution

The battery specialist ADS-TEC, based in Nürtingen (Germany), offers storage-based fast charging solutions that use the existing distribution grid without elaborate grid expansions. The company presented its HPC booster with separate fast charging station at this year's Energy Storage Exhibition in Düsseldorf (Germany). It can charge vehicles with up to 320 kW. According to ADS-TEC, the footprint of 1.2 × 1.2 m and a capacity of 140 kWh including inverter and conditioning equipment make it the world's most compact and most powerful battery system. The HPC solution was developed in a partnership with the Porsche Engineering Group. ADS-TEC has the unique possibility to acquire status information down to the cell level. Each individual cell is monitored over its entire use-phase with its own battery management system. User are notified via the cloud of any deviations to the agreed operating parameters during operation. This enables the user...

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