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“Big room for interpretations of level 3 to 5 often leads to confusion”

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According to vehicle manufacturers, it is possible to reliably assess and solve the very complex technical challenges facing partially automated, highly and fully automated driving. The political and societal debate, however, is accompanied in part by misinterpretation and fear making the situation difficult to evaluate. Dr. Michael E. Hafner, Head of Automated Driving at Daimler AG, manages to provide an overview of the current situation.

ATZelektronik _ Dr. Hafner, activating automated driving functions is not just a question of the technical possibilities, but also a question of multiple boundary conditions that you cannot influence. In view of this, how would you assess the results of the latest conference of the German Council on Jurisdiction in Traffic?

Hafner_ Regarding decision-making by the road traffic safety experts, we put forward our fact-based views and they are listened to. We are also engaged in dialog with the conference council. We try to convince them with balanced...

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