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Automated driving but not without sustainable rethinking and new platforms

  • Stephan Lehmann
Cover Story Automated Driving

Automotive semiconductors are under many aspects one of the key technologies of automated driving functions, up to fully autonomous driving, being developed by vehicle manufacturers with ambitious timelines. On the way towards production-ready functions NXP sees a need for action that is still underestimated in the automotive industry. From a technical, strategic and market policy point of view, this article addresses the hurdles still to be overcome and what is feasible.


“We overestimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what can be achieved within ten years.” This quote by economics expert and author Hermann Scherer commemorates the 10-year anniversary edition of ATZelektronik in 2015. In this issue, several authors ventured views in their field of expertise on the coming decade of the automotive industry, including NXP’s point of view on the semiconductor industry [1].

Compared to other industry segments, the automotive semiconductor segment has been...


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