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Strategies against being taken hostage by ransomware

  • Marko Wolf
Development Security

In the course of rapidly growing digitization, cybercrime is also on the rise. While no successful ransomware attacks on vehicles are known to date, typical attack scenarios can be derived from an analysis of the blackmail software used by cyber hostage-takers to carry out the recent “WannaCry” attacks on Honda and Renault car production facilities. Escrypt describes how automakers can and must protect themselves and their customers against these attacks.

Precursor of attacks against automobiles

Every 40 s, there is a ransomware attack on a company somewhere in the world. And a private individual is victimized every 10 s by ransomware. These startling statistics are valid back to 2016, according to security experts at Kaspersky Lab. Within the past two years, “digital hostage-taking” has gone from being a peripheral phenomenon to the preferred business model of cybercriminals.

Automotive manufacturers became painfully aware of this trend during the WannaCry attack in May 2017, at the...

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