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3-D Ultrasound Sensor More Opportunities in Near Field Recognition

  • Barbara Brauner
Development Sensor Systems

Until now, data of sensors such as radar-, lidar- and camera-systems were fused for a complete and redundant environment recognition. Ultrasound, currently limited to park distance control, could complement the safety-relevant systems in the close range, as well as in monitoring the vehicle interior and driver. Toposens developed the underlying technology into a 3-D ultrasound sensor system. In order to make the technology quickly available to potential customers and to cooperatively get it to series production, the start-up offers an evaluation kit for prototype developers.

Bat vision for vehicles and electronic devices

The ability to perceive the environment by using ultrasound echolocation has so far been reserved to only a few animal species. Bats, for example, emit cries in ultrasonic frequency to detect their prey and obstacles in their surroundings. Their precision is so good that they can even detect the smallest insects and objects, such as wires, in three dimensions with...

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