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G40 - A Step Toward a CO2-neutral Gasoline Fuel

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This work was made possible thanks to the support of the "Strategiedialog Automobilwirtschaft SDA" and the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg as part of the project "reFuels - Rethinking fuels". Furthermore, the authors would like to thank project leader Dr.-Ing. Olaf Toedter, Mitra Zabihigivi, M. Sc., Jonathan Ziegler, M. Sc., and Jakob König, B. Sc., of the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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Weyhing, T., Koch, T., Wagner, U. et al. G40 - A Step Toward a CO2-neutral Gasoline Fuel. MTZ Worldw 83, 30–37 (2022).

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