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"Cams are honest"

  • Marc Ziegler
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Hannibal is an expert on all aspects of variable valve timing and has a doctorate in the field. In conversation with MTZ he describes the latest developments and explains the advantages and disadvantages of the various systems.

MTZ _ There are several different types of fully variable valve timing systems. What are the differences between them and how do they work?

Hannibal _ First of all, there is the BMW Valvetronic system, which has been available in the company's production models since 2001. It is a fully variable mechanical valve timing system that is used in all BMW's gasoline engines. The power needed to open the valves is supplied via mechanical components which change position. The fully variable valve timing is controlled by an eccentric shaft powered by an electric motor. However, this is still a mechanical system because all of the components that transmit the power are linked together mechanically. Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai are examples of...

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