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Electric Motor in Pole Position

  • Andreas BurkertEmail author
80 Years of MTZ

The age of the electric motor began in 1820 with Hans Christian Ørsted, who discovered that a wire carrying an electric current forms a magnetic field around it. A few years later, a famous race triggered a brief period of hype surrounding battery-powered cars. But it is recent progress along the entire drivetrain, such as that offered by Formula E, that is really helping electric mobility to achieve a global breakthrough.

Exactly 120 years ago, two all-electric cars took part in a race in which the Belgian driver Camille Jenatzy became the first person ever to exceed 100 km/h in a road vehicle. Driving his aerodynamically designed "La Jamais Contente" (Never Satisfied), he achieved an average speed of 105.88 km/h. To reach this speed, the Belgian used two 25 kW electric motors supplied by the French engineer André Étienne Postel-Vinay, which he operated with a voltage of 200 V and a current of 125 A. Power was provided by a Fulmen B 17 lead-acid battery. The battery, in which a single...

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