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Effective recycling of electric-vehicle batteries

  • Andreas Burkert
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Electric-vehicle batteries constitute the enfant terrible of modern mobility. They are energy-intensive to manufacture, have a limited range and require rare and expensive raw materials to produce. Now, however, new advances in recycling lithium-ion storage batteries are emerging as a cornerstone of sustainable electric mobility. This is a lucrative line of business for recycling companies and OEMs that would otherwise have to shred their batteries no later than their second-life use.

Electric-Vehicle Batteries with a Handicap

Electric mobility in its purest form is considered progressive. When charged using renewable energy, a battery-electric vehicle operates fully emission-free — at least from the well-to-wheel perspective. Moreover, if range and charging time can be acceptably optimized in the near future, the electrically powered car will be a suitable replacement for mobility centered on the combustion engine. Even so, there are undeniable deficiencies that give it a handicap...


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