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Eaton | Valve System with Electromechanical Actuation

Eaton has developed a variable valve system, including electromechanical actuation. The US company says the system is compatible with all variable valve actuation (VVA) systems with switching roller finger followers. It allows functions such as cylinder deactivation, Miller cycle, internal exhaust gas recirculation and early exhaust valve opening. A range of predefined roller finger follower groups can be electrically controlled using Eaton's VVA system to activate inlet or outlet valves respectively. It is claimed that various combinations of valve-lift variation profiles allow engine developers to reduce emissions while keeping response characteristics intact. According to the manufacturer, the electronic control unit (ECU) can switch to a different VVA profile at below -7 °C in less than 35 ms. Besides faster activation, the electromechanical system is more precise and reproducible than existing VVA systems actuated...

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