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Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles for the Volume Market

  • Sebastian FischerEmail author
  • Christian Beidl
  • Andreas Viehmann
  • Stephan Rinderknecht
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At the TU Darmstadt cost-effective powertrain concepts for plug-in hybrid vehicles are developed and investigated which are suitable for the volume market. A key in terms of suitability for volume market is the consistent functional integration including an appropriate operating strategy at system level which results in simplified subsystems at component level. For proof of feasibility the powertrain concepts Combustion Engine Assist and Two-drive Transmission with Range Extender were set up.

Plug-in Hybrids for the Volume Market

Plug-in hybrids play a decisive role for the introduction of the electromobility. They enable the universal usability for the users without range-anxiety and without mandatory dependencies on the charging possibilities. Particularly in urban environment, most of the daily driving distance can be driven purely electric. Despite of these benefits, the market penetration of plug-in hybrid vehicles is still low and they are not without criticism. Basically,...



The authors would like to thank IVD and Prof. Günter Hohenberg, the consortium of the public funded DE-REX project, Raja Vadamalu, Hauke Maschmeyer, Ruben König and Jean-Eric Schleiffer. DE-REX is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag.

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